Middleboro Softball League Concession Stand

Opening and Closing Procedures

Each game the designated team must provide two (2) parent volunteers to work the concession stand during their scheduled game time.  Failure to do so will result in an automatic forfeit for the “home” team.  There should always be a total of two parents in the concession stand at all times.

All volunteers must be 18 years or older

No one under the age of 18 can be in the concession stand at any time

NO SMOKING in the concession stand

During each game parent volunteers are required to:

  • Wear protective gloves when serving food that is not prepackaged to customers to include but not limited to hot dogs, fried dough, churros, etc.
  • Place all money received in cash box.

At the END of each game parent volunteers are required to:

  • Each parent is to count the money from the night and place in a deposit envelope with a deposit ticket- “Home” Coach will recount the deposit with you to ensure accuracy.
  • The following money should be left in the cash box at the end of the game – Two (2) $10 bills, Four (4) $5 bills, Twenty (20) $1 – all change stays in the cash box.
  • All soda, Gatorade, water, candy and paper products should be restocked at the close of each game so the next game starts fully stocked.
  • All condiments and chocolate candy should be returned to cold storage
  • Clean hot dog steamer & air fryer
  • Wipe down counters
  • Sweep floor
  • Empty trash and replace with new bag
  • Clean bathroom & fill bathroom paper products

At the END of the game the Coach of the team that ran the stand is required to:

  • Recount and confirm the money in the deposit
  • Sign the deposit page next to the parent signatures
  • Place money and deposit page with signatures in a baggie (found in middle drawer) – place in lockbox
  • Text Jen Johnston (781-588-4989) with the deposit total
  • Turn off lights and lock both concession stand and bathroom
  • Place orange cones and grill in the bathroom
  • Please be sure to turn off the gas on the grill prior to placing in the bathroom

Any questions or concerns regarding the concession stand during a game, please contact Jen Johnston (781-588-4989)



We have a bin in the snack shack where people can leave their used (but still useable) equipment for others that may need it. If you have old gloves, bats, helmets, cleats, bat bags...any softball equipment, please consider leaving it in the bin at the shack. If you are in need of equipment please feel free to check the box. Thank you for your donation!